Family Time In The Tub

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How old is too old to bath with your child?

Family Time In The Tub

There's been some controversy over parents and children sleeping in the same bed together, but what about families who bath together? Imagine you, your partner, and your two kids crammed into your standard sized bathtub and you might give yourself a good laugh. There wouldn't be enough room for the water let alone the baby and bath toys. You probably wouldn't have enough room to move your arm to reach the baby shampoo!

The reality is, spending quality time with the baby in the tub is a great way to get the job of cleaning done, while making sure the baby is safe. Controversy comes into play when you start questioning how old is too old to invite your child into the tub with you. Most people take the approach that when the child is old enough to point at body parts (yours) and laugh, they're too old to join you in the tub. Trust your instincts. You'll know when you're no longer comfortable sharing a bath with your child.

As your child gets older, he or she is naturally going to have questions. Of course they're going to be curious. If you can handle the questions in an honest, age-appropriate way, then you should feel okay to continue bathing with the child. If you're not up to the challenge, respect your own need for privacy.



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