Baby Gifts Frequently Asked Questions

How old is too old to bath with your child?

How can bath toys educate my baby?

How can I get my child to settle down at night?

Is it important to allow my other child to help out with the care of the new baby?

What do I do with the baby when I want to get in the shower?

Can't I just use a regular adult-sized towel for my baby?

What's the best way to bath a baby?

How can I entertain a fussy baby in the tub?

What is cradle cap and how is it treated?

How can I make sure my partner buys a sensible baby shower gift?

Should I buy a baby shower gift suitable for a boy or girl?

How can I make sure my friend benefits from all the new baby product samples available?

What's the best type of baby bottle to buy?

Is there a way to breast feed my baby in public a little more discreetly?

What's a good idea for a unique baby shower gift for my athletic friend?

Will a breast pump make a good baby shower gift?

How do parents manage to eat a meal together when the baby is hungry?

Why does my baby always throw his food and utensils on the floor?

Is it okay to introduce new foods into my baby's diet?

How can I be sure my baby or toddler is getting the right amount of nutrients and vitamins?

Should I consider eating nothing but organic foods for the health of my baby?

My toddler is a picky-eater, so how do I get him to eat healthy snacks?

How can I make sure the toys my baby plays with are safe?

How can I make sure my baby doesn't play with toys that could hurt him?

What do I do with old baby gifts that I don't need anymore?

Are there any really exciting newborn baby toys on the market?

How safe are my baby's toys?

Is it a good idea to stock up on baby gift baskets for upcoming baby showers?

Should I buy a baby gift before I get on the plane, or after I arrive at my destination?

What kind of price ranges are there for baby gift baskets?

What are some unique ideas for personalizing a new mom gift basket?

If the mom has a premature baby, when is it appropriate to have the baby shower?

Can I stick with my regular fitness routine now that I'm pregnant?

Is it appropriate to suggest a new mom support group to my expecting friend?

How can I subtly give advice to an expecting mother?

How can I find time to exercise after my baby is born?

I'm going to be a grandparent! What kind of gifts should I buy?

What type of gift best says "you're going to be a grandparent"?

What are the advantages to a new mother support group?

What tye of books for new mothers should I buy?

What should I consider before decorating the baby nursery?

What's the best way to decorate my baby's nursery?

If I can't use things like bumper pads in the crib, what should I do with them?

How can I make sure I don't get a lot of duplicate baby gifts?

Should I send thank you notes for the gifts I got at my baby shower?

Can you give me a stellar idea for a twin baby shower gift?

What color should I paint the baby nursery?

How do I tell my mother not to over-bundle the baby?

How much can I work on things like nursery renovations during my third trimester?

What are some good gift ideas for the mother-to-be?

Do parenting magazines make good gifts?

There are so many different baby gifts available, how do I choose while keeping within my budget?

Does a baby shower really need a baby shower theme?

What kind of baby shower host gift should I buy?

How can I gracefully excuse myself from baby shower games?

How do I know that what I'm buying is really natural or organic like it says on the product?

Are there any certifying agencies to make sure the organic baby food I'm buying is really organic?

I'm intimidated by the idea of shopping for organic baby products, what do I do?

Is organic baby clothing easy to care for?

How will I know which organic baby gift is the best to buy?

Is it any better to buy organic baby food or make organic baby food myself?

Is organic baby food safe?

Are organic toys really safe for babies and good for the environment?

If I want to switch to all organic baby products, so I have to empty out my house?

How can I tell if the baby product I want to buy is really natural?

How do other people celebrate baby showers?

How important is it to buy my baby designer baby clothes?

How can I buy baby gifts like a celebrity?

When is a good time to sort through my baby shower gifts and write thank you notes?

How can I turn a standard baby gift into something unique and creative?

What are some unusual and unique gifts for a baby shower?

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